As we're approaching the end of June we're coming towards the end of prime rhubarb season in Scotland.

Although technically a vegetable, rhubarb is considered a fruit and is more commonly used as such. Sold and eaten by the stalk (similar to celery), rhubarb stalks can vary in colour from pale green to light green but the colour is not an indication of the ripeness or sweetness like it is with other fruits. 

Rhubarb is most commonly associated with preserves, pastries and desserts such as rhubarb crumble but during the booming craft drinks scene it Scotland, it has become extremely popular as a botanical and flavouring in many drinks including rhubarb gin, liqueurs and even soft drinks.

If you're a big fan of rhubarb and would like to try one of our rhubarb drinks, please see our Top 5 Scottish Drinks featuring rhubarb below.

1. Rhubarb Old Tom Gin from Orkney Gin Company

Orkney Gin Company Rhubarb Old Tom Gin

Rhubarb grows in abundance on the Orkney Isles so it seemed fitting that Orkney Gin Company released a rhubarb flavoured gin.

Based on the Old Tom style, a slightly sweeter style that was popular in the 18th century, the tangy rhubarb is complemented perfectly. 

The Rhubarb Old Tom is packed full of rhubarb and balanced with a hint of gorse flower and peppery juniper.

The recipe was inspired by the long, clear days of an Orcadian summer and for the most refreshing summer drink we recommend serving over ice with your favourite tonic or ginger ale to give the classic rhubarb & ginger combination. Finish with some fresh raspberries.

ABV: 43%  |  Bottle Size: 50 cl  |  Price: £36.50

2. Cloudy Rhubarb Rum Liqueur from Carnoustie Distillery

Carnoustie Distillery Cloudy Rhubarb Rum Liqueur

Carnoustie Distillery is run by a father and son team and is possibly the smallest distillery in the UK. Everything is done with passion by hand including distilling, bottling and labelling. 

Incredibly smooth and warming, the Cloudy Rhubarb Rum is pays tribute to the classic rhubarb and ginger combination.

The rum liqueur is extremely flavoursome with rhubarb and complemented by a hint of ginger. 

To fully bring out the flavours in the rum we recommend serving over ice with a splash of ginger ale or ginger beer.

ABV: 30%  | Bottle Size: 50 cl  |  Price: £25.00

3. Rhubarb Cream Soda from Paisley Drinks Co.

Paisley Drinks Co Rhubarb Cream Soda

Paisley Drinks Co.'s Mystical Rhubarb Cream Soda is a treat for people of all ages!

A contemporary take on the classic drink, each sip is full of nostalgia and is fresh, sharp and deliciously sweet. There are just enough bubbles for the flavours to burst through, it's a crisp, classy cream soda at it's very best. 

The good news is that only the finest natural ingredients go into it and there are no artificial sweeteners. What's more, there are only 55 calories in each 275 ml bottle. 

We've found that the Rhubarb Cream Soda is exceptionally versatile and is great when served over ice but it is also perfect when enjoyed as an alternative to tonic or other mixers with a number of gins or vodkas.

Bottle Size: 275 ml  |  Price: £1.95

4. Sparklingly Sober by Sparklingly Sober

Sparklingly Sober Bottles

Sobriety doesn't need to be dull with Sparklingly Sober

A great alternative for rose wine, drinks receptions at weddings and for a sophisticated alternative for the designated driver on a night out. 

With a touch of sparkle, Sparklingly Sober is made using Scottish water, rhubarb, elderflower and a hint of ginger spice.

Delightfully refreshing, we recommend serving in a ballon glass filled with ice and finished off with a juicy wedge of orange.

Bottle Size: 330 ml & 500 ml  | Price: from £1.99

5. Rhubarb Crumble Gin from Solway Spirits

Solway Spirits Rhubarb Crumble Gin

Inspired by the ever-popular rhubarb crumble dessert, Solway Spirits' Rhubarb Crumble Gin is a full-strength gin with a pink hue that hints at its sweetness.

Andrew, the founded and distiller at Solway Spirits, has taken his classic gin and infused locally foraged rhubarb, vanilla pods and a little torrified wheat for a gin that takes the classic rhubarb and custard combination to a whole new level!

When served over ice with ginger ale and a slice of the orange the flavours and aromas will explode for a drink that tastes like liquid rhubarb crumble!

If you're looking for something completely different to enjoy this summer why not make an ice cream float using the gin? Take a good measure of Rhubarb Crumble Gin and top up with lemonade or ginger ale before adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

ABV: 40%  |  Bottle Size: 20 cl & 70 cl  |  Price: from £14.50