If you’re asked to think to of two drinks associated with Great Britain, it’s likely that the first two that will come to your mind are gin and tea. So it makes sense to combine them to make the ultimate thirst-quenching British drink, right?

Nick and Emma Smalley, the founders of The Teasmith in Aberdeenshire, certainly thought so!

Since 2016 The Teasmith Original Gin has been distilled with handpicked black loose-leaf Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. However, they have also recently launched the world’s first gin made using the leaves of tea plants grown in Scotland.

The Teasmith Gin

The use of tea as the primary botanical in the original Teasmith recipe is linked to some little-known history surrounding the Aberdeenshire area. Nick and Emma were inspired by the use of locally sourced, unique ingredients and some investigation into tea-trading in the north-east was their ‘eureka moment’.

The history books showed that some of the world’s most notable tea-clippers were built in Aberdeen harbour, some of which played a major role in opening up the important tea trade routes with the Far East.

In addition, the first tea plantation in Sri Lanka was founded by a man from Auchenblae, Aberdeenshire in 1867. James Taylor became known as the ‘Father of Ceylon Tea’ as he transformed the island into one of the finest tea growing regions in the world.

Striving to use of Scotland’s larder to its full potential, the couple launched their first Limited Edition Grower’s Edition Gin which is distilled using Broich tea leaves – the first tea to be produced by The Scottish Tea Factory in Crieff, Perthshire.

The Teasmith Broich Single Estate Gin Bottle
Photo Credit: The Gin Cooperative

As the tea is so rare, the Broich Single Estate Gin is limited to an exclusive batch of 1000 bottles.

When distilled, the Broich black tea gives off light aromas of honey and apple. These notes have been fused with the elements of the original Teasmith profile to create this unique Scottish gin.

We recommend serving long over copious amounts of ice with a premium tonic and a slice of fresh, juicy apple.

The Teasmith Broich Single Estate Gin
Photo Credit: The Gin Cooperative

The Teasmith has also confirmed that the series of Grower’s Edition Scottish gins will expand in the coming months, making use of other Scottish teas from different locations around the country.

If you’d like to get your hands on a bottle of the special edition, we still have limited stock remaining of the Teasmith Broich Single Estate Gin.