With summer fast approaching and we promise the good weather is just around the corner, we'd like to share with you some of our favourite Scottish craft drinks to enjoy this year.

Whether you're a gin drinker, a rum fan, a cocktail lover or even the designated driver, we have a refreshing craft drink for you to enjoy in the sunshine!

1. Four Marys Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

Released in March 2019, the Zesty Sherbet Gin is super refreshing and will invoke childhood memories of enjoying a sherbet fountain!

Traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica are combined with kaffir lime, yuzu, star anise and galangal to create a flavour sensation in your mouth!

The experience and the flavours come entirely from the distilled botanicals - nothing has been added to the gin.

Recommended Serve for Summer

For the ultimate sherbet experience, we recommend serving 1 part gin with 2 parts premium tonic and finished with a good wedge of fresh, juicy lemon. However, lemon tonic would also work well.

£33.00 - Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

2. Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail from Crafty Distillery

Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail from Crafty Distillery

After 18 months of development the team at Crafty Distillery launched the world's first distilled cocktail in April 2019.

Each batch is made using a wheelbarrow load of fresh fruit including orange and pineapple which have been hand-smoked, torched, macerated and pressed to create the complex heart of this tasty cocktail. The award winning Hills & Harbour Gin is included in the base for balance and natural sweetness.

Recommended Serve for Summer

Try neat on the rocks, with a mixer or shake & strain. A bitter, balanced or sweet serve is achieved by adding tonic, soda or lemonade respectively.

£36.95 - Smokey & Citrus Distilled Cocktail

3. Sparklingly Sober

Sparklingly Sober Rose Wine Replacement

If you've been designated as the driver or looking for an alternative soft drink for summer then Sparklingly Sober is for you. 

Crafted with love in small batches, Sparklingly Sober is the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to Rosé wine and ensures sobriety is certainly not dull!

With a touch of sparkle, it's made using Scottish water, rhubarb, elderflower and a hint of ginger spice.

Recommended Serve for Summer

Best served in a balloon glass over plenty of ice.

From £1.99 - Sparklingly Sober

4. Caramel Banana Rum Liqueur from Carnoustie Distillery

Caramel Banana Rum Liqueur from Carnoustie Distillery

The Banana Caramel Rum Liqueur is inspired by the original drink of pirates and has the slight sweetness of caramel and banana to create a smooth and refreshing drink.

Blended with caramel and bananas but not too sweet, the flavours will bounce around your mouth for an exceptionally smooth drink.

Recommended Serve for Summer

Great for sipping over ice or mixed with your favourite mixer - we find ginger ale works best for the ultimate refreshing yet warming drink.

£25.00 - Carnoustie Distillery Banana Caramel Rum Liqueur

5. Gorse Gin from Lundin Distilling

Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin

Gorse Gin is a fruity and floral London Dry style gin that celebrates the Fife coastline.

Fruity and sweet the gin has scents of lemon and honey from the gorse. On the palate there are hints of cherry and pear followed by toffee, dark chocolate and bitter orange.

Recommended Serve for Summer

If you're looking for a gin and tonic then we'd recommend serving over ice with Mediterranean tonic and fresh mango, orange and mint. However, if you're a cocktail lover then why not try a Gorse Ginger Crunch with ice, ginger ale, orange, fresh mint and finished with a chunk of honeycomb?

£35.75 - Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin

6. Strawberry Coconut Soda from Paisley Drinks Co.

Paisley Drinks Co Strawberry Coconut Soda

A great alternative for a soft drink this summer, the dreamy Strawberry Coconut Soda is a match made in heaven as rich strawberry and creamy coconut are blended to absolute perfection with fruit bursting through every sip.

What's more, only the best natural ingredients are used and there are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners or unnecessary additives have been added. Only 78 calories per bottle.

Recommended Serve for Summer

Great for all ages when enjoyed on its own, the Strawberry Coconut also works well when mixed with a number of white rums and vodka.

£1.95 - Paisley Drinks Co Strawberry Coconut Soda

7. Spiced Rum from Matugga Rum

Matugga Spiced Rum

Matugga Spiced Rum is a delicately balanced, rich and aromatic spiced rum - inspired by Africa and distilled, matured and bottled in the heart of Scotland.

On the nose you'll sense honey and orange blossom entwined with raisins. The palate is a flood of smooth, but warm, tangerine, liquorice and cracked black pepper, before a honey finish.

Recommended Serve for Summer

Delicious when enjoyed neat, on ice or serve with a little ginger ale. Also makes a great base for an outstanding cocktail - the Matugga Clandestino is perfect for the warm weather.

Mix 50ml of Matugga Spiced Rum in a cocktail shaker with 20ml pineapple juice, 20 champagne syrup, 10ml fresh lemon juice, 5ml balsamic vinegar and 2 pieces of fresh pineapple. Shake all the ingredients well to combine and then strain into a goblet glass and finish with a wedge of lime and a fresh mint leaf.

£39.95 - Matugga Spiced Rum

8. Pink Gin from Square Peg Spirits Co

Square Peg Spirits Pink Gin

We couldn't have a list of summer drinks and not include a pink gin!

Crafted in small batches using Scottish raspberries and blackberries sourced from the natural larder of Perthshire, Square Peg Pink Gin is exceptionally refreshing and wonderfully versatile.

The colour and flavours of the pink gin are completely natural and no artificial colours or sweeteners are used.

The gin combines crisp juniper with the subtle sweetness of dark berries and an earthy spice for an incredibly refreshing and warming drink.

Recommended Serve for Summer

Serve over plenty of ice with a premium tonic or lemonade and finish with some raspberries and a slice of lemon.

£23.95 - Square Peg Pink Gin