Buying gifts can be tough but with the help our handy guide to gin gift sets, you will delight the gin lover in your life!

Over the past few years gin has become hugely popular again with drinkers of all (legal) ages from all corners of the world declaring their love for the traditionally clear spirit*. With its ever-growing popularity you are sure to know someone who would appreciate one of our gin gift sets - they are extremely hard to come by and cannot be found in any supermarket or gift shop!

Our gin gift buying guide features gifts suitable for any occasion including Christmas, birthdays, weddings and house warmings and will suit any budget. 

* Some folk prefer to drink gin that is pink, blue, red, orange etc in colour - we've catered for them too!

Craft56° Gin & Tonic Gift Sets

From: £54.00

Gin & Tonic Gift Sets

We have selected some of our most popular Scottish gins and included them in gin gift sets that contain everything your gin-drinking friend needs for the perfect G&T (except the ice and the garnishes!).

Our gin gift sets contain a bottle of a Scottish small-batch gin, two complementary bottles of tonic water, a copa de balon gin glass and a bottle opener. All of this is presented in a beautiful gift box.

All the recipient has to do is pour their perfect serve before sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the gift - what's not to love? 

We have gin & tonic gift sets to suit all gin lovers including traditional London Dry gins as well as flavoured and coloured alternatives. 

Handpainted Copa de Balon Gin Glasses


Handpainted Harris Glassware Gin Glasses

A good gin needs a good glass and these Handpainted Copa de Balon Gin Glasses ensure your favourite tipple is enjoyed in style! 

All individually handpainted so no two are identical, the designs have all been inspired by gin, flora and Scotland.

Although stunning, it's not all about the looks, there is some science behind the glasses too! The shape of copa de balon glasses make them the perfect glass to serve gin as the balloon shape 'traps' the aromas from the botanicals and the long stem ensures that you do not warm the drink up whilst holding it. 

Walter Gregor's Flavoured Tonic Gift Pack


Walter Gregor Tonic Selection Pack

Perfect for any experimental gin drinker (but also great for drinkers of other spirits too!). The Walter Gregor's Tonic Selection Gift Pack contains 5 different flavours of tonic water, all of which have been handcrafted with love in Aberdeenshire. 

The flavours included are Classic Tonic, Scottish Raspberry, Spiced, Apple & Cinnamon and Cucumber & Mint. 

Each of the flavours have been developed in different gin styles in mind but also can work well with other other spirits too. For example, the spiced tonic is great with whisky and the Scottish raspberry is perfect with vodka.

The tonic selection pack allows you to create wonderful cocktails and concoctions from the comfort of your own home!

Gin Galore by Sean Murphy


Gin Galore by Sean Murphy

The ideal stocking filler for real gin connoisseurs, Gin Galore features the story behind 50 of Scotland's best gins including key botanicals and serving suggestions as well as looking into the history of gin and gin distilling.

Sean Murphy writes for the Scotsman Food & Drink and has been a judge at the Scottish Gin Awards for the past two years. Each copy we have available has been signed by Sean. 

Gin Map of Scotland


Vector Gin Map of Scotland

Set your gin-loving friend on a tour of Scotland with the Scottish Gin Map by Vector Gin.

The gin map is great for keeping track of the Scottish gins and distilleries and you can tick them off as you taste them.

Each gin featured on the map is depicted by a vector image of the bottle and they are pinned in the location that the gin is made.

A Limited Edition Bottle of Gin

From £29.00

Garden Shed Cote Rotie Aged Gin

If you're looking to buy a bottle of gin as a gift and looking for something extra special then look no further than our Special Edition collection.

Our Special Edition collection features hard-to-source special release and limited edition Scottish gins. 

The range includes a variety of gin styles from small-batch producers from across Scotland. We have cask aged gins, artist edition bottle designs and even a pink shimmer gin for you to choose from!

All the special edition gins have been released on a limited run of bottles - once they are gone they are gone!

Gift Subscription to the Craft56° Scottish Gin Club

From £120.00

Craft56 Gin Club Gift Subscription

The gin gift that keeps on giving - a gift subscription to our Scottish Gin Club will definitely delight!

Each month we select a small-batch Scottish gin and pair it with recommend tonics or mixers and send it direct to the recipient along with handmade chocolates to match the flavour profile of the gin and a tasting note card with key information and perfect serve ideas.

You can buy a gift subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months and the recipient is able to choose the frequency of the deliveries to suit them.  

Gintensify Botanicals and Fruit Fusions


Gintensify Serve

For the gin lover that has everything! 

Created by an avid gin drinker for avid gin drinkers, Gintensify will revolutionalise your gin experience.

Gintensify is a range of ready to serve dried fruit and botanical combinations which you can simply pop into your favourite gin and mix. Each combination has been developed to complement the gin and give each glass an intense flavour, smell and taste.

There are 5 different boxes available which can also be used to make flavoured teas or infused through cold water for a refreshing cooler.

Craft56° Gift Vouchers

From £10.00

Craft56 Gift Vouchers

If you're still feeling a bit overwhelmed and can't decide what to buy then why not buy some Craft56° Gift Vouchers and let them choose their own gin-themed gift?

Our gift vouchers can be personalised with a message, can be used to purchase any of our gin gift sets or bottles and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.