Verdant Dry Gin

This month our Gin Club members are enjoying the award-winning Verdant Dry Gin from Verdant Spirits.

The Gin

Verdant Dry Gin is a modern yet classic gin with top notes of juniper and bright citrus, balanced with a complex mix of botanicals to produce a smooth, sophisticated spirit.  

In September 2017, just a few months after hitting the market, Verdant won Gin of the Year at the first ever Scottish Gin Awards.

Verdant Spirits Botanicals

The Botanicals

The carefully selected range of botanicals was inspired by Dundee’s rich trading history and reflects the routes once sailed by traders to and from the city.

Juniper – the key flavouring in gin. Sourced from the Baltic countries which is a nod to Dundee’s whaling past.

Coriander Seed – this fragrant spice tempers the bitter elements in Verdant, balancing the final flavour.

Lemon Peel – the intense lemon flavour is released into the gin during distillation. Trading links with Spain and Portugal originally brought lemons to Dundee.

Bitter Orange – Dundee is synonymous with marmalade so it is only right that a gin made in Dundee contains hints of bitter orange!

Cassia Bark – one of the oldest recorded spices. Small amounts add an earthy sweetness and a complex base note and a long finish.

Orris Root – this adds a soft bitterness and fixes the flavours against changes over time.

Green Cardamom – sweet and warm with a fresh hint of eucalyptus

Angelica – only a tiny amount of the dried root adds an earthy, musky note for balance.

Liquorice – found in the root of a plant related to the pea, this imparts a delicate, sweet aniseed note.

Grains of Paradise – discovered by spice traders in West Africa, these bring a peppery spiciness to the gin.

The Distillery

Despite Dundee’s rich tradition of distilling, Verdant Dry Gin is produced in the first legally licensed distillery in the city for almost 200 years and is still the only gin made in the city to this day.

Based just a short walk from the Verdant Works, a former jute mill which was a major contributor to the economy of Dundee, the distillery is based in the former engine house of another of Dundee’s old mills. The building was acquired and transformed by Andrew MacKenzie – the founder of Verdant Spirits.

Meet Andrew MacKenzie

Originally from London, Andrew MacKenzie has worked as a creative director for McLaren, a lecturer and is also a graduate of Food & Drink Innovation from Abertay University.

It was while studying for his Masters Degree at the university that the inspiration for the Verdant Spirits brand was born. Andrew’s passion has always been in food & drink and his background was in high value brands. These elements were combined while writing a white paper on the white spirits industry in Scotland.

After graduating with his MSc he then went on to make his dream a reality by launching Verdant Spirits.

Andrew Mackenzie

The Still

Verdant Gin is made using a mix of traditional methods and modern technology.

Andrew’s background in Formula 1 taught him to focus on the end result and to use the best tools available to achieve it.

Therefore, Andrew decided to purchase a new generation still – a 500 litre iStill which is named Little Eddie. He may not be the prettiest still to look at but he produces the best quality spirits!

The Bottle Design

Verdant Dry Gin

The Verdant bottle was inspired architecture and history of the city of Dundee. The branding has an art deco feel which can also be seen on many of the older buildings in and around Dundee. The Verdant Spirits logo is the Law Memorial, a statue that can be seen from virtually almost any point in the city. The font used on the label also mirrors that of the Verdant Works.

Verdant Spirits really are the ‘spirit of Dundee’.

Perfect Serve

There are many ways to enjoy Verdant Gin and it is equally at home on the rocks, served with tonic or blended in a cocktail. However, our favourite is to serve as a classic G&T in a tall glass with ice, a quality tonic and a good wedge of lime.

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