Dry January has come to an end and many of you will be ready to crack open the gin for the first time in 2018 this weekend.

While it’s a great feeling to have reached the end of your month of abstinence we’re sure that you’ll be feeling some guilt that your new (albeit temporary) lifestyle change has come to an end!

If that’s the case then why not make yourself feel better by drinking a gin that benefits other too?

We’re extremely lucky in Scotland to have an ever-growing number of quality, socially responsible craft gin producers. Below we’ve picked out some of our favourites.


Ginerosity Gin

Brought to you by a team consisting of 1 social entrepreneur, 1 drinks industry specialist, 2 distillers and 1 creative director, Ginerosity is the world's first social enterprise gin.

The Cause

The Ginerosity team believe passionately in the power of business and brands to do good. All profits made from Ginerosity are donated to Challenges Worldwide which helps young adults aged between 18 and 25 from disadvantaged backgrounds take part in the International Citizenship Service (ICS) programmes. ICS offers overseas placements that provide skills, training and personal development. 

The Gin

Created by Pickering’s Gin at Summerhall Distillery in Edinburgh, Ginerosity mixes 10 ethically botanicals including traditional juniper, coriander, angelica and lemon with heather, cardamom and cloves for a smooth, bold gin with a crisp finish.

Serve with ice, a quality tonic and the garnish of your choice.

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Isle of Skye Distillers Tommy’s Gin

Isle of Skye Distillers Tommy's Gin

Launched in October 2017, Tommy’s Gin was made in memory of Tommy Wilson, the late father of Thomas and Alistair, the founders of Isle of Skye Distillers.

The Cause

For every bottle of Tommy’s Gin that is sold, proceeds are donated to local military charities.

The Wilson family have long had a military connection and military charities are close to their hearts. Tommy served in the Suez invasion in 1956. Thomas Wilson also served in three separate conflicts; Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Sierra Leone as well as serving as a private military contractor in Afghanistan.

The Gin

Bottled at 45% volume, Tommy’s Gin is not only named after the Wilson Brother’s father, tommy is also a generic name and term of endearment for a soldier.

The inspiration for the labels comes from the Commando memorial near Spean Bridge which the Wilsons pass on a weekly basis while delivering their gin to the mainland.

Tommy’s Gin is made using botanicals including juniper, sweet orange, coriander, liquorice root as well as poppy seed and blaeberry.

Best served over ice with a wedge of lemon and fresh blaeberries (Scottish blueberries)

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GlenWyvis Gins

GlenWyvis is a community-owned distillery based in Dingwall that is entirely powered by sustainable energy and aims to take a lead role in the regeneration of Dingwall and the wider community in the north east highlands.

The Cause

Established as a Community Benefit Society, the GlenWyvis Distillery is bringing the distilling industry back to Dingwall after nearly 100 years. The aim of GlenWyvis is to create jobs and help in the regeneration of the town. The distillery will also include a visitor centre which hopes to attract the growing number of tourists from the North Coast 500 tourist route.

In the long-term, the profits will be passed on to other worthwhile community projects both locally and further afield.

The Gins

GlenWyvis currently have 2 gins in their range; Original Highland Gin and a limited edition North Coast 500 Gin.

Original Highland Gin is a crisp gin made with 9 botanicals including locally foraged hawthorn berries. The gin has hints of citrus with spices at the back of the palette.

The North Coast 500 Gin is distilled at 50.0% and is made with the same botanicals as the Original expression.

Enjoy both served over ice with a quality tonic, fresh orange peel and some coriander.

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Garden Shed Gin

Garden Shed Gin

The Garden Shed Drinks Company are an environmentally responsible company who launched their first product, Garden Shed Gin, in December 2017. The company was founded by Glasgow Warriors and Scotland rugby players Ryan Grant and Ruaridh Jackson along with their wives Maxine and Kirstin.

The Causes

Profits from Garden Shed Gin are donated to two local charities – Trees4Scotland and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Trees4Scotland is dedicated to planting permanent woodlands. All trees planted by Trees4Scotland are varieties native to Scotland such as oak, birch, willow and rowan. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust works to support the conservation of all bumblebees whilst raising awareness and increasing understanding about bumblebees and the social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits which they and other pollinators provide.

The Gin

Garden Shed Gin is a London Dry gin made using 14 botanicals including locally grown blackberries, dandelion root and lavender. The recipe for the gin was formulated in a shed in the west end of Glasgow.

For the perfect serve, pour over ice and mix with a premium tonic. Finish with some fresh lavender and blackberries.

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