January can feel like a long month, especially for those who choose to take part in Dry January!

One event that many look forward to is Burns Night and it will be upon us very soon.

Burns Nights have been an almost annual event since 1801, with the first one being held in Burns' Cottage on 21 July 1801, the fifth anniversary of his death. It was the following year that it was held in January, the month of his birthday, for the first time.

Traditionally, Burns Nights involve haggis, whisky and recital of his poetry.

However, don't let tradition put you off and you can still enjoy celebrating Burns Night even if you don't like haggis or whisky. In fact, Burns himself didn't limit himself to whisky and he enjoyed a number of tipples including rum, brandy, ale and port.

Therefore, we've put together a list of some alternative Scottish drinks that you can enjoy on Burns Night.

1. Makar Oak Aged Gin

(Price: £32.95 ABV: 43% Size: 70 cl)

Makar Oak Aged Gin

Gin has almost Scotland's new national drink and there is no more fitting gin to toast Burns than Makar. The Makar name comes from the Ancient Scots word for poet!

Aged in tailor-made virgin European Oak casks for 10 weeks, the gin has a smokiness from the oak and a peppery finish which complements the haggis nicely. 

2. Wester Spiced Rum

(Price: £36.00 ABV: 40% Size: 70 cl)

Wester Spiced Rum

When you think of Scotland and alcohol you probably wouldn't automatically think of a Caribbean-style spiced rum. However, Glasgow actually has a long history of sugar refinement and rum production. Wester Spiced Rum is named after the Wester Sugar House Company, a sugar refinery and rum maker in Glasgow who were founded in 1667 and continued production of rum throughout Burns' life before going into decline in the 19th century.

The rum itself is extremely smooth and has a sweet vanilla flavour with the spice coming from star anise, ginger and nutmeg. 

3. Inventor's Gin Co. Smoked Pepper Scottish Gin

(Price: £38.00 ABV: 38% Size: 70 cl)

Inventors Gin Co Smoked Pepper Gin

The only gin we stock that is distilled in Ayrshire, where Burns called home.

We also think that the smoked pepper notes complement the haggis perfectly.

The gin is made using a combination of traditional botanicals as well as nettle, heather and pink pepper.

In a singleshot 'bathtub' process, the botanicals are blended and slowly infused, before distillation in a copper pot still.

4. UWA Resposado Tequila

(Price: £54.50 ABV: 40% Size: 70 cl)

UWA Resposado Cask Aged Tequila

Feel like it really wouldn't be Burns Night without some whisky? Get your fix from the UWA Resposado Tequila. Aged for seven months in Speyside Single Malt casks, this is a unique take on the classic Mexican drink.

Designed to be sipped over ice like a good dram. 

5. Mac & Wild Foraged Old Fashioned Cocktail

(Price: £32.95 ABV: 27% Size: 50 cl)

Mac & Wild Foraged Old Fashioned

A contemporary take on the classic cocktail with an added Scottish twist. It's made using Glenkinchie 12 Year Old whisky, double infused heather honey, barrel-aged bitters and foraged pine leaf tincture.

The perfect aperitif after a traditional Burns Supper.

It is believed that the Old Fashioned was created by James E. Pepper, a bartender and bourbon expert in the Pendennis Club, a private social club in Louisville, Kentucky. Pepper then took the recipe to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar in New York City.

Order by 1pm on Wednesday 22nd January for guarantee you can raise a glass in style!