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Scottish Gins

  1. Cairngorm Gin Company - Experience the spirit of the Scottish Highlands

    The Cairngorm Gin Company

    Launched in 2019 by Jack Smith, Cairngorm Gin was inspired by the land he lives in with his family. Jack was born and raised in the valley of the River Spey, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. His family has lived in the Cairngorms National Park for decades, sharing a love and respect for the outdoors and the flora and fauna that surrounds their home.

    From an early age Jack showed a passion for cooking and he followed his father, grandfather and wider family by entering into the hospitality and catering industry. When growing up, Jack showed an interest in sourcing the finest local ingredients to creat culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. He went on to work with number of Michelin-star chefs but he had an overwhelming desire to return to his roots in the Scottish Highlands. 

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  2. Our Favourite Scottish Gin Bottle Designs

    Everyone has a reason for having a favourite bottle of gin. Whether it’s the first one you tried or the one used in your favourite cocktail? Maybe it’s the first gin someone got you as a gift or one that brings back great memories. Some may even choose their gins based on the bottle. We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by its’ cover but with some truly beautiful designs out there, who are we to tell you what to do?

    Here’s some of our favourite bottle designs - all still very tasty! It may be an eclectic mix but each beautiful in their own way! Find your perfect unusual gin bottle gift with our quick guide.



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  3. Mothers Day 2020 - Perfect Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there’s no better time to show your mum (or grandma!) just how much you love them - with a gift as special as they are. 

    Our gift guide was made with the mum’s in our life in mind and having a variety to choose from is key! Our Mother’s Day Gin Selection offer a wide selection to choose from and we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect Scottish gin gift. Whether it’s her favourite you’re after or you want to get her something new to try. We’ve got you covered!

    Our unique Mother’s Day Gifts will delight the mothers in your life – a day and a gin they’ll never forget!

    1. Four Marys Gin Gift Set (4 x 5 cl)

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  4. How To Taste Gin - Our Comprehensive Guide

    Here at Craft56°, we stock over 100 different varieties of Scottish Gin each with their own blend of botanicals and flavour profile. Once you’ve received your gin, can you trust just your tongue to distinguish between the variety of tastes? Keep reading if you want to know how to experience the full flavour of your new bottle of gin like a true expert.

    Small batch Scottish gins are designed and produced with care and attention to ensure that the gin provides an exceptional taste. You want to make sure that if you’ve invested in a bottle that you can experience the full range of flavours available.

    1. Choose the Perfect Glass
    First things first – your glass. The Copa de Balon glass is the recommended serving glass for a gin. The unique shape of the Copa de Balon glass collects and

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  5. The Secret Behind Blue Colour Changing Gins

    There are now over 300 different being made in Scotland and amongst them are a growing number of colour changing gins.

    We’re going to explore our favourite Scottish blue colour changing gins and the magical botanicals that give them their colour changing properties.

    Behind each of the blue colour changing gins is a floral botanical which is included in the botanical blend. The inclusion of the flowers gives the gins their blue hue and also create the theatre of changing colour. The change happens when adding an acidic ingredient such as tonic water. The gins will go from the blue to a delicate lilac/pink colour.

    Butterfly Pea Gins

    Butterfly pea is an Asian botanical which has been used for many years in Asian cooking as well as in teas.

    McLean’s Something Blue Gin

    Something Blue Gin was first lau

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  6. Top 10 Facts About (Scottish) Gin

    Here in Scotland we have a proud history of producing quality spirits. For many years Scotland has been synonymous with whisky and while our whisky is still second to none, over the past few years we've seen the dramatic emergence of Scottish Gin as a category in its own right.

    Take a look at our top facts about gin (and Scottish gin) that will impress even the most knowledgeable gin connoisseur!

    1. The name gin is a shortened form of genever which is derived from juniperus, the Latin name for the juniper berry

    2. Juniper berries are not actually a berry, they are a fleshy seed cone. Aside from use in gin production, juniper berries are commonly used as a spice in European cuisine.

    Juniper Berries

    3. The mass appeal of gin dates back to the 17th century when the Dutch used it as a medicine. However, the earliest k

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  7. The History of Gin in Scotland

    Scotland is at the forefront of the current ‘gin boom’ with over 70% of the gin made in the UK being made in Scotland. This includes Gordon’s (the world’s biggest selling gin), Hendrick’s, Tanqueray as well as a host of small-batch, independent producers from every corner of Scotland.

    There are now around 100 gin distilleries in Scotland, the majority of which started production after 2009 when a legal case was won against HMRC and companies won the right to distil in small scale as opposed on an industrial scale.

    However, Scotland’s association with gin dates back much further than the last 10 years! Scotland’s love affair with gin can be traced back to the 1700s and is largely associated with Leith.

    Gin Lane by William Hogarth

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  8. Why is Gin Known as Mother's Ruin?

    With the rapid increase of craft gins emerging on the scene, we thought we'd look into why exactly is one of our favourite tipples also known as “Mother’s Ruin”?

    The phrase “Mother’s Ruin” is regularly used across the UK as another term for gin, yet the reason behind how this phrase originated remains unclear. So, to find out more, we first need to delve deeper into the history of gin.

    Throughout the Thirty Years War in Central Europe from 1618-1648, British soldiers were provided with gin to settle their nerves. At the same time, the spirit was also used in London as a medicine to treat kidney problems or indigestion. Following on from this, “Jenever” was regularly imported from the Netherlands to the UK since it was so cheap.

    “Jenever” is the traditional, juniper-based liquor from the Netherlands which was adapted by producers in England who used their own grains to produce their own versions of th

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  9. Our Top Gifts For Any Gin Lover

    Buying gifts can be tough but with the help our handy guide to gin gift sets, you will delight the gin lover in your life!

    Over the past few years gin has become hugely popular again with drinkers of all (legal) ages from all corners of the world declaring their love for the traditionally clear spirit*. With its ever-growing popularity you are sure to know someone who would appreciate one of our gin gift sets - they are extremely hard to come by and cannot be found in any supermarket or gift shop!

    Our gin gift buying guide features gifts suitable for any occasion including Christmas, birthdays, weddings and house warmings and will suit any budget. 

    * Some folk prefer to drink gin that is pink, blue, red, orange etc in colour - we've catered for them too!

    Craft56° Gin & Tonic Gift Sets

    From: £24.

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  10. July 2019's Gin of the Month - Lind & Lime Gin

    This month our Scottish Gin Club members are enjoying the delightfully refreshing Lind & Lime Gin from the Port of Leith Distillery – the perfect G&T for a summer evening.

    Lind and Lime Gin

    Port of Leith Distillery

    Established by two friends in 2017, Port of Leith Distillery is situated just a stone's throw from the docks where for many centuries a vast array of goods came into Scotland including spices, botanicals and spirits including Jenever from Holland and rum from the Caribbean.

    Currently based in the Tower Street Still House which is shared with anot

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