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Scottish Craft Drinks

  1. Buck & Birch - Explorers, experimenters and wild flavour innovators

    Buck & Birch - Wild Food & Drink Innovators

    Based in East Lothian, Buck & Birch was launched by creative duo Rupert Waites and Tom Chisholm who share a common love for the outdoors and considerable experience in the hospitality industry. 

    The duo have spent their lives immersed in the landscape, scouring land and sea for the very best ingredients and Buck & Birch is their opportunity to step out of the hedgerow and into the kitchen, sharing their findings, drinks, food and knowledge with the world.

    The Buck & Birch journey began in 2008 when the first dining event was hosted by Rupert & Tom. Could they create a menu using only ingredients foraged from the landscape and would the diners care and connect? 

    Over the next decade the pair have hosted thousands of guests, moved from gar

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  2. Choosing A Whisky for Beginners

    There is a wide range of whisky bottles out there, but while it leaves whisky lovers spoilt for choice finding the right one can be overwhelming. This is especially true for the uninitiated. If your first experience with a Scottish whisky is to order up a 20-year-old drink, that may likely be the last time you’d do such. Choose your Scotch wisely.  It is unlike the regular spirit drink so your choice matters a lot.

    What to Look Out for in a Bottle of Scotch Whisky

    Even if you’re not a big fan of Scotch whisky, there are countless reasons why you should place your order for at least a bottle. You might want to gift it to a friend or make your home bar look stocked. In order to get your money’s worth, there are a few factors you may want to consider. These include age, alcohol strength, type, and selection process.

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  3. Alternatives to Tonic - A Definitive Guide

    Alternatives to tonic
    When you think of gin, the next words you usually hear are “and tonic”. It’s like they were made for each other but why do we pair gin and tonic when other spirits are usually paired with sweeter soft drinks?

    What if you don’t like tonic? Are you destined then to live a devastating gin-free life? Absolutely not! While history tells us the perfect mixer for gin is tonic, we’re not ones to always follow the crowd. Let us walk you through some of our favourite alternatives to tonic and fling open the door to the world of gin for all!

    Alternative to Tonic Graphic

    First of all: why tonic?
    Why is gin mixed with tonic? Let’s go back to very beginning.

    The ingredient that gives tonic its iconic tonic taste is called quinine; an anti-malaria d

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  4. We've Implemented a Green Policy!

    We implemented a green policy!

    Craft56° has always ensured that in decisions we have made, we have taken time and effort to consider the environment. This has historically been a “just always do what we can” mantra which has worked up until now. We decided to write a full Environmental Policy to not only keep ourselves accountable but to assure our customers that their favourite Scottish craft drinks provider is committed to green practices.

    You can read the full policy here. It’s quite wordy, so here’s some of the interesting bits:


    Our goal is to use as little packaging as possible while ensuring your items are shipped safely and securely. We have reduced the amount of packaging we use when shi

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  5. Alternative Burns Night Scottish Drinks

    January can feel like a long month, especially for those who choose to take part in Dry January!

    One event that many look forward to is Burns Night and it will be upon us very soon.

    Burns Nights have been an almost annual event since 1801, with the first one being held in Burns' Cottage on 21 July 1801, the fifth anniversary of his death. It was the following year that it was held in January, the month of his birthday, for the first time.

    Traditionally, Burns Nights involve haggis, whisky and recital of his poetry.

    However, don't let tradition put you off and you can still enjoy celebrating Burns Night even if you don't like haggis or whisky. In fact, Burns himself didn't limit himself to whisky and he enjoyed a number of tipples including rum, brandy, ale and port.


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  6. Scottish Tonic Water - The Perfect Pairing

    Gin & Tonic go together like salt & pepper or bread & butter. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that with the growing number of Scottish gins hitting the market in recent years we’ve also seen the emergence of Scottish tonic waters.

    Much like the introduction of gin into the United Kingdom, the credit must go to the military for the development of tonic water. A key ingredient in most tonic waters is quinine which is derived from the bark of the cinchona tree. Distinctively bitter, quinine was prescribed to control the risk of malaria. In order to improve the taste of the bitter medicine, it was mixed with soda water, sugar and, crucially, gin. So, the refreshingly delicious drink we know today was originally invented for medicinal purposes!

    Find out more below about Scotland’s take on the world’s favourite partner for gin.

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  7. Top 5 Rhubarb Flavoured Scottish Craft Drinks

    As we're approaching the end of June we're coming towards the end of prime rhubarb season in Scotland.

    Although technically a vegetable, rhubarb is considered a fruit and is more commonly used as such. Sold and eaten by the stalk (similar to celery), rhubarb stalks can vary in colour from pale green to light green but the colour is not an indication of the ripeness or sweetness like it is with other fruits. 

    Rhubarb is most commonly associated with preserves, pastries and desserts such as rhubarb crumble but during the booming craft drinks scene it Scotland, it has become extremely popular as a botanical and flavouring in many drinks including rhubarb gin, liqueurs and even soft drinks.

    If you're a big fan of rhubarb and would like to try one of our rhubarb drinks, please see our Top 5 Scottish Drinks featuring rhubarb below.

    1. Rhuba

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  8. 8 of the Best Scottish Craft Drinks for Summer 2019

    With summer fast approaching and we promise the good weather is just around the corner, we'd like to share with you some of our favourite Scottish craft drinks to enjoy this year.

    Whether you're a gin drinker, a rum fan, a cocktail lover or even the designated driver, we have a refreshing craft drink for you to enjoy in the sunshine!

    1. Four Marys Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

    Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

    Released in March 2019, the Zesty Sherbet Gin is super refreshing and will invoke childhood memories of enjoying a sherbet fountain!

    Traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica are combined with kaffir lime, yuzu, star anise and galangal to create a flavour sensation in your mouth!


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  9. Why is Gin Served in a Copa de Balon Glass?

    Highball, lowball, stemless, flute...Copa de Balon? Find out more about the latest glass shape you need to compliment your perfect G&T.

    Picture the scene: You’ve made it to the weekend (congratulations!) and you’re about to pour yourself a glass of your favourite gin. You add your preferred tonic, plenty of ice, and maybe even a little garnish for that finishing touch. Ideal.

    While many of us choose the first and largest glass available to us, choosing which glass to serve your G&T in can actually make all the difference to its final taste. Traditionally, gin and tonic is served in a Tom Collins glass. With its long shape, this glass can easily hold your favourite G&T. However, the problem with the Tom Collins is that the glass shape can melt the ice more quickly which dilutes the taste.

    More recently, the

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  10. Get in the festive spirit with these Scottish drinks

    With temperatures plummeting, we've officially hit winter and the count down to Christmas is on!

    Therefore, we've put together a list of 5 of the best Scottish craft drinks to help warm you up and enjoy this festive period! (it might also help it just happens to be the weekend too!)

    1. Rhubarb Crumble Gin

    (Price: £30.00 ABV: 40% Size: 70 cl)

    Solway Rhubarb Crumble Gin

    Solway Spirit's Rhubarb Crumble takes rhubarb gin to a whole new level! Mix with ginger ale to give the unmistakable warming taste of rhubarb crumble and custard - a classi

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