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Craft56° Blog | Scottish Gins and Craft Drinks Explored

  1. July 2019's Gin of the Month - Lind & Lime Gin

    This month our Scottish Gin Club members are enjoying the delightfully refreshing Lind & Lime Gin from the Port of Leith Distillery – the perfect G&T for a summer evening.

    Lind and Lime Gin

    Port of Leith Distillery

    Established by two friends in 2017, Port of Leith Distillery is situated just a stone's throw from the docks where for many centuries a vast array of goods came into Scotland including spices, botanicals and spirits including Jenever from Holland and rum from the Caribbean.

    Currently based in the Tower Street Still House which is shared with anot

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  2. What is Navy Strength Gin?

    The story behind what we know today as navy strength gin began during the first ‘gin boom’ in the 18th century.

    The Royal Navy legislated that there had to be a certain amount of gin on each vessel while they were sailing on the high seas. Gin was required on board to help fight illness and diseases which were rife.

    However, some of the officers were suspicious of the gin, especially as the quality varied so much from city to city and felt it had been overly watered down.

    In order to test the gin was of an acceptable quality, it was tested by lighting a mixture of the spirit and gunpowder. If it burned with a clear flame this was ‘proof’ that the spirit was of sufficient standard (at least 114 proof or 57% ABV in today’s terms). Failure to light or a smoky flame were signs that the spirit was below the required strength.

    Despite links to the 18th century, the term ‘navy strength gin’ is actually a marketing cr

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  3. Scottish Pink Gins For You To Enjoy This Summer

    While the demand for traditional style gins is continuing to grow (there are now over 250 Scottish gins), we're also seeing the rise of Pink Gins which have been becoming increasing popular over the past few years. It's just been announced that you can buy Pink Gin Ice Cream!

    Many of the Scottish gin distilleries that we work with have released their own take on the fruity and floral pink gin style so we thought we'd showcase some of our favourites.

    What is Pink Gin?

    Pink gin originated in the mid-19th century and consisted of Plymouth Gin, a dash of Angostura bitters and was commonly garnished with some lemon rind. It was the addition of the bitters that gave the gin it's pink colour.

    It is thought that pink gin was created by members of the Royal Navy to help make the consumption of Angostura bitters more enjoyable as they were used as a treatment for sea sickness in 1824 by Dr. Johann Gottlieb Benjamin Siebert. The addition of Plymouth Gin, a sli

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  4. The Teasmith Launch World's First Gin Distilled with Scottish Tea

    If you’re asked to think to of two drinks associated with Great Britain, it’s likely that the first two that will come to your mind are gin and tea. So it makes sense to combine them to make the ultimate thirst-quenching British drink, right?

    Nick and Emma Smalley, the founders of The Teasmith in Aberdeenshire, certainly thought so!

    Since 2016 The Teasmith Original Gin has been distilled with handpicked black loose-leaf Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. However, they have also recently launched the world’s first gin made using the leaves of tea plants grown in Scotland.

    The Teasmith Gin

    The use of tea as the primary botanical in the original Teasmith recipe is linked to some little-known h

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  5. Top 5 Rhubarb Flavoured Scottish Craft Drinks

    As we're approaching the end of June we're coming towards the end of prime rhubarb season in Scotland.

    Although technically a vegetable, rhubarb is considered a fruit and is more commonly used as such. Sold and eaten by the stalk (similar to celery), rhubarb stalks can vary in colour from pale green to light green but the colour is not an indication of the ripeness or sweetness like it is with other fruits. 

    Rhubarb is most commonly associated with preserves, pastries and desserts such as rhubarb crumble but during the booming craft drinks scene it Scotland, it has become extremely popular as a botanical and flavouring in many drinks including rhubarb gin, liqueurs and even soft drinks.

    If you're a big fan of rhubarb and would like to try one of our rhubarb drinks, please see our Top 5 Scottish Drinks featuring rhubarb below.

    1. Rhuba

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  6. June 2019's Gin of the Month - Garden Shed Gin

    Our Gin Club members are enjoying Garden Shed Gin this month. We've been working with the team over at The Garden Shed Drinks Co. since January 2018 as we were the first online shop to stock their gin and we're delighted to finally be featuring theith flagship gin as our gin of the month!

    Garden Shed Gin Bottle

    Founded in the autumn of 2017 by friends and Glasgow Warriors team mates Ryan Grant and Ruaridh Jackson along with their wives Maxine & Kirstin, The Garden Shed Drinks Company’s concept was developed around the kitchen table following a visit to a distillery. They wanted to develop a gin that could be created in the garden shed and was inspired by botanicals f

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  7. 8 of the Best Scottish Craft Drinks for Summer 2019

    With summer fast approaching and we promise the good weather is just around the corner, we'd like to share with you some of our favourite Scottish craft drinks to enjoy this year.

    Whether you're a gin drinker, a rum fan, a cocktail lover or even the designated driver, we have a refreshing craft drink for you to enjoy in the sunshine!

    1. Four Marys Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

    Zesty Sherbet Gin from Linlithgow Distillery

    Released in March 2019, the Zesty Sherbet Gin is super refreshing and will invoke childhood memories of enjoying a sherbet fountain!

    Traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica are combined with kaffir lime, yuzu, star anise and galangal to create a flavour sensation in your mouth!


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  8. McLean's Something Blue Gin - The Wedding Gin

    Something old, something new, something borrowed & Something Blue...

    If you're getting married or you're looking for an unusual wedding gift for a friend look no further than Something Blue Gin from McLean's Gin - the original wedding gin!

    McLean's Something Blue - the original wedding gin

    Originally crafted as a limited edition to celebrate the marriage of the makers Colin & Jessica in June 2018, there were only 150 bottles of Something Blue produced. The guests at the wedding were served up t

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  9. May's Gin of the Month - Badachro Gin

    Our featured gin being enjoyed by our Gin Club subscribers this month comes from the north west Highlands - Badachro Gin.

    Badachro, a former fishing village, is in one of the last true wilderness areas in Europe. Surrounded by the sea to the north and west, the Torridon mountains to the east and Loch Torridon to the south, the nights are pitch black and the Northern Lights can be seen regularly in the sky. With every corner you turn and every mountain you climb, you'll find another breathtaking view.

    The Distillery

    Within the village is the Badachro Distillery, owned and run by Gordon and Vanessa Quinn with the help Delilah - a trusty old copper pot still hand beaten in Portugal. Gordon & Vanessa’s ethos is clear and is based on expressing as much as Badachro and surrounding area has to offer in a creative, high quality gin that gives an authentic t

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  10. April Gin of the Month - LinGin from Linlithgow Distillery

    Our Gin Club members will be enjoying LinGin from Linlithgow Distillery in the sunshine this Easter weekend. Find out more about this classic London Dry style gin, the distillery and the folk behind the gin below.

    The Distillery

    Linlithgow Distillery was established in 2017 by Alyson and Ross Jameson after selling the IT support company they had run for 21 years. The first batch of LinGin was released in January 2018.

    Linlithgow Distillery Team

    The whole ethos behind Linlithgow Gin was to develop a product and brand that the town could be proud of.

    The botanicals used have been handpicked

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